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Currents Events in Thelema (4/13/2009)

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* New issue of Agapé now out - A new issue of the official newsletter of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Agapé 10.4, has been released. Click here to read Agapé 10.4.

* Reason.com article on Aleister Crowley - Reason.com has a new article out called "The Magick of DARE" in celebration of the anniversary of the First Day of the Reception of Liber AL (April 8). The short article mentions Crowley, Thelema, DARE, drugs, and more. Click here to read the Reason.com article.

* New book on the Gnostic Mass - LAShTAL.com reports that James and Nancy Wasserman have released a new book about the Gnostic Mass, the central ritual of the O.T.O., called To Perfect This Feast. "Drawing on nearly half a century of regular performance of the Gnostic Mass—and the countless classes and training sessions they have conducted during their O.T.O. careers—James and Nancy Wasserman (Bishops Tahuti and Mara) offer a coherent look at the ritual described by Aleister Crowley as “the central ritual of [the O.T.O.’s] public and private celebration. With no attempt to “improve” upon the teachings of the Master, they elucidate a method of performing the Mass whose entire rationale is a strict adherence to the instructions given in Liber XV. The authors have striven to understand the meaning of Crowley’s text—penned in the white-hot fury of his 1913 inspiration—and extract the relevant spiritual teachings embedded within this elegant ritual. A series of insights, beginning in December of 2005 e.v., revealed solutions to long-hidden performance mysteries. The authors were encouraged to share these with a broader audience. If you are interested in Aleister Crowley and the Gnostic Mass, this book will teach you how to perform it in a manner that conforms to his instructions." Click here to read the LAShTAL article about this book, and Click here for information on purchasing the book from its publisher.

* International Thelemic Symposium 2009 - LAShTAL.com reports, "...The Golden Dawn Occult Society's International Thelemic Symposium 2009 is booked for Saturday 26th of September 2009. Speakers and ritual workshops to still be finalised. Tickets should go on sale around the end of March, early April. This year it will be held in the Holywell Music Room, right in the heart of the Hermetic Architecture of the original Oxford University campus, in Oxford city centre. The venue for the social afterwards is to be confirmed but the earlier part of the conference should run from 11:00am till early evening. Much more information to come on this. Please check http://www.dowhatthouwilt.com/symposium at regular intervals." Click here for the original LAShTAL article, and click here for more information on the Symposium

*Boleskine for sale! - The Herald reports that the land once owned by Aleister Crowley on Boleskine Bay is on sale. This is the plot of land where Crowley performed his Abramelin Operation. The article is absolutely filled with the normal sensationalism and misrepresentation but the information is still interesting: "A plot of land once owned by the self proclaimed "most wicked man in the world" has been put up for sale sparking interest from disciples of the dark arts, rock fans and property developers." Click here for the original article.

source: http://www.thelemicstudies.com/?q=node/124


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